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Welcome the leaders of Huangshi City, Hubei Province to come to the company to participate in the gu

Time:2019-08-24 Source:小编 Click:178

On August 20, 2019, Huang Xuejie, Secretary General of the Municipal Party Committee of Huangshi City Government Department of Hubei Province, Comrade Huang Xuejie, Chief Engineer Mei Zaisheng, and Director Yu Changqin visited our company for guidance. All the employees of Shenzhen Jingxinming Company expressed their warmth




The person in charge of the company, Mr. Zeng Qingheng and Ms. Xie Xueyang, gave a detailed introduction to the production process, product features and development prospects of the company's product-dynamic light box


Afterwards, the leaders of the Huangshi City Government visited our company's showroom and expressed high recognition for the company's products, and said that innovation is the trend of corporate development today. I hope that all employees of the company will keep their original intentions in mind and continue to move forward to complete the LED industry leader Corporate vision


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