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Wuhan Hanshang Media Garage Advertisement is officially launched~ Jing Xinming Dynamic Lightbox-Give

Time:2019-08-10 Source:小编 Click:294

Recently, Shenzhen Jingxinming Co., Ltd. and Wuhan Hanshang Media Co., Ltd. jointly designed and produced an underground parking lot advertising space for renting dynamic light boxes.

武汉汉商传媒车库广告正式上线啦~ 晶鑫明动感灯箱——给你动起来的美!(图1)

Everyone has a car, there must be a library

武汉汉商传媒车库广告正式上线啦~ 晶鑫明动感灯箱——给你动起来的美!(图3)    

The garage has become a must for high-level figures in society

A race against time

Hurry by~

    Purely static things can no longer attract people's attention

     Dynamic light box came into being

武汉汉商传媒车库广告正式上线啦~ 晶鑫明动感灯箱——给你动起来的美!(图4)

The dynamic light box is to use the editing technology of the LED array to accurately control the lighting part, the lighting sequence, the lighting duration, and the lighting color to "live" and "motion" the original static painting through the second animation editing of the static picture. Up, the accurate, sufficient and vivid display of the advertising theme of the picture, with its strong visual impact, depicts the advertising picture, so as to achieve more prominent advertising effects, maximize the advertising light box advertising attraction effect, greatly Increase advertising value.

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