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Characteristics of outdoor light box advertising

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Outdoor light box advertising, because of the use of transmissive manuscript printing and auxiliary light illumination, makes it possible to attract the attention of pedestrians and enhance the display effect whether during the day or at night. Render the product's breath, induce consumers' desire to buy, and strengthen the role of advertising.


    In the design and production of outdoor light box advertising pictures, in order to pursue the realism and artistry, mostly use photo inkjet printing or color inkjet printing; there are also screen printing methods on special paper, plastic sheets (films), and light box cloth. Light box picture, and choose the production method and material according to its copy cost, weather resistance and other requirements. Now on the characteristics of light box advertisements, the main constituent materials and pattern making process methods, etc. Let's talk about the application of its production technology.


1. Features of outdoor light box advertising

    For outdoor light box advertisements, its application places are distributed on both sides of the street, as well as public places such as movie theaters, exhibitions (marketing) fairs, commercial downtown areas, stations, airports, docks, parks and so on. The characteristics of outdoor light box advertising are as follows:

(1) Large screen

    Many print advertising media are available for indoor or small-scale communication, and the format is relatively small. Outdoor light box advertisements display advertising content in the form of door heads, bulletin board (promotion) columns, pole light boxes, etc., which are larger than other print advertisements and are more likely to attract attention.

(2) Hyperopia

    The function of outdoor light box advertising is to transmit information to outdoor crowds through the two forms of natural light (daytime) and auxiliary light (night). The long-sighted effect of advertising works is strong, which is suitable for the fast-paced and high-efficiency characteristics of modern society.


(3) Wide content

    In public transportation, transportation, safety, welfare, savings, insurance, tax payment, etc.; in commercial products, enterprises, tourism, services, etc.; in culture, education, art, etc., can be widely used effect.


(4) Compatibility

    There are various forms of display, with both text and color functions. Everything from product trademarks, product names, physical photos, colors, corporate intentions to culture, economy, customs, beliefs, concepts. Through the conception and unique creative ideas, the heterogeneity conveyed by visual, so as to achieve the purpose of advertising.


(5) Fixedness and complexity

    Regardless of the form of outdoor light box advertising, there are requirements for a fixed range and fixed position. Due to the long time for displaying advertisements, its basic structure is more complicated than other advertising forms, including frames, cladding materials, pattern printed layers, UV resistance, wind protection, rain and snow construction, and lighting facilities used as lighting at night, making its single copy cost Higher than other types of advertising.


2. Composition of outdoor light box advertisement


(1) Frame and mask

    The main components of the large light box are steel and plastic structure, the base and frame are welded with steel or stainless steel structure, and the pattern cover is made of glass plate, plexiglass plate, light box cloth, etc. The main components of the small door head, pole type, and hanging light box are steel or cast plastic frames, and the pattern cover is mostly made of glass, plexiglass, or transparent plastic plates.


(2) Pattern printing carrier

    The printing carrier of the light box can be made of synthetic paper, inkjet film, self-adhesive adhesive film, light box canvas and other materials according to its structure and manufacturing process.


(3) Auxiliary light facility

    The auxiliary light (commonly known as lighting) of the light box is designed for lighting according to the structure of its pattern screen, the printing material, the thickness of the printing ink layer, and the pattern format. In the past, ordinary fluorescent lamps were mostly used. With the application of new lamps, the auxiliary light of the light box has also developed from a single lighting to multiple types of lighting. The resulting picture quality, uniformity, and softness have been greatly improved.

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