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How to make the brightness of LED luminous characters higher?

Time:2020-07-13 Source:小编 Click:275

There are luminous characters everywhere on the street now. You can't see the difference during the day, but when you get to the night, do you have a difference? Some LED luminous characters may be bright in the front and slightly darker in the back, or even have the same character with uneven brightness, especially those large luminous characters. There are also inconsistent changes in the color of the colorful LED characters. In fact, this is mainly caused by failure to deal with the installation. So what should you pay attention to when making, will make the luminous characters brighter? 

    Generally speaking, LED is a 12V low voltage power supply, and its brightness is sensitive to current. The LED luminous characters are connected in series when wiring. The connected wires are too long, and there is a sequence, which leads to uneven current intensity supplied to the LED. This is just like the faucets connected side by side. Small.

  Therefore, when installing LED luminous characters, corresponding measures should be taken to avoid the problem of uneven brightness.

     Longxiang advertising luminous characters combined with many years of production and research and development experience, and introduce a few points to note:

1. The wire should not be too small, it is better to use a flower wire of about 0.3. That is to say, the total water pipe should be large, so that each faucet can have water.

2. The controller should be as close as possible to the luminous characters, that is, the shorter the wire, the smaller the power consumption.

3. The controller is installed in the middle of a row of characters to avoid uneven light emission.

4. The LED luminous characters adopt the parallel connection method, and each character is directly connected to the controller. If the font is large, the strokes of a word are all connected in parallel, so that the brightness of the entire LED luminous characters is even.

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