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Detailed explanation of the types of commonly used door advertising signs

Time:2020-07-13 Source:小编 Click:245

   Advertising signboards can be roughly divided into: neon signboards (retired), inkjet signboards, exposed luminous characters, acrylic luminous characters, resin luminous characters, mini luminous characters, display signboards, and the more popular LED colorful screen signboards in recent years.

    Neon has been retired for some years, and 99% of the signs on the market are illuminated with LED light sources. As for why the neon signboard will be retired, what are the advantages of the LED light source, this is already a topic that is often talked about, just ask Du Niang, and the Longxiang advertising editor will not waste much ink.

    The inkjet signboard has a long history. The inkjet signboard has been in use today due to its low price, easy production and construction, and excellent advertising effects. However, with the improvement of people's quality of life, the aesthetic concept has been continuously improved. It is difficult to leave a relatively new impression with inkjet signboards alone, especially the production of door signboards, the use of inkjet signboards is not obvious.

    The emergence of led light sources has led to the rapid development of luminous characters with led as the luminous core. Until today, the types of led luminous characters are no longer monotonous. In addition to the common acrylic luminous characters, exposed light characters, and led light boxes in the past, there are still many, For example, resin characters, acrylic mini Seiko characters, etc., can be described as varied.

    There are two types of crafts for making advertising signs: traditional crafts and modern crafts. Traditional crafts generally refer to engraving and spray painting. Now crafts are generally made of plastic light boxes and LED billboards. From a global perspective, the application of acrylic advertising signboards and resin advertising signboards is extensive. She is not only beautiful and elegant, but also has a good night vision effect, and is relatively inexpensive.

    Compared with acrylic luminous characters, punching exposed luminous characters are generally used for making large luminous characters, because acrylic luminous characters are made by cutting acrylic plates. When the luminous characters are greater than 3 meters, some strokes require multiple pieces of acrylic stitching to affect Beautiful, because the acrylic plate is separated by a layer, the light is relatively soft. Generally, the installation height of the large luminous characters is relatively high, and the line of sight is relatively long. The light source of the exposed luminous characters is exposed and the brightness is high. It is suitable for viewing from a long distance. The punching luminous characters can be selected according to the scene. , Or zinc iron punching. Therefore, it is recommended to use exposed luminous characters for larger luminous characters.

    The Longxiang resin luminous characters can produce various effects. There are flat luminous characters, flower luminous characters, and Seiko luminous characters. The unique feature is Longxiang's new generation of luminous characters-multi-layer three-dimensional color-coded luminous characters, and Seiko mini luminous characters. Characters, so Longxiang resin luminous characters are widely used.

    LED colorful screen signboard, LED colorful screen signboard can display picture text and video like LED display, the difference is that the LED colorful screen pixels are relatively low, but the cost performance is high, and the colorful screen surface can be installed with luminous characters. The deputy Gao Dashang's advertising sign is a dazzling first display at night. The price per square meter is only 10% to 30% of the LED display. And the larger the installation height of the colorful screen is, the cheaper the unit price is. When the viewing distance and area exceed a certain range, the display effect can be comparable to the display screen. The characteristics of the colorful screen signboard can be summarized in four sentences: "one picture during the day, one screen at night; enjoyment of the display screen, the price of the neon sign".

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